Sex Matters ~ Live Video Workshop

8-Week Video-Workshop
Tuesdays: 5:00-6:30pm Pacific Time
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  • Having your #MeToo experiences healed
  • Getting the sex you crave
  • Loving your body and knowing it is deeply loved by others
  • Experiencing enough intimacy
  • Feeling confident & powerful in your sex life

In this LIVE video workshop series, you’ll learn about men, you and sex!

If you’re single, you’ll be able to tell if you’re his type; and if he wants to get to know you or if he just wants to have sex with you.

If you’re coupled, you’ll learn how to keep the romance alive for the long haul.

Whether you love sex or hate sex, sex matters in a relationship. And together we can shift your relationship to sex to give you more freedom, fun, and fondness for the whole experience.


love, sex & intimacy photoDid you know that really GREAT sex is really EASY?





I bet, like me, you learned at a young age that a good girl was chaste, and being tart-like or too provocative was bad. So, you set off to be a good girl. But as we hit puberty, we saw those really good girls got zero attention from boys. Huh, {head scratch}, okay, so now you have to be sexy so you can get a guy’s attention, but not too sexy because that’s bad ~ check. Shortly after that, you learned that sexual attention is not the only kind of attention you were looking for but you also wanted to feel cherished, cared for and protected. How do you get that? Maybe by being a good girl… {groan}.  What gives?

It’s time we examine our instincts (because they’re mischievous), the stories we were told (that scared us silly), the lessons that we learned (that sometimes caused shame) and shake it all out to find out what’s true for us as grown-up women today.

And that is only the beginning.



Sex Matters Video-Workshop will help you…

  • Discover your beauty, your true essence, and your sensual power
  • Recognize the stories we were told about men, and about ourselves and find out what is true
  • Let go of shame, blame, and embarrassment from incidents that happened in the past
  • Release the fear that gets in the way of true intimacy
  • Talk about intimate or delicate things with your partner
  • Discover and get what you need to be in great romantic and sexual shape
  • Understand chemistry and its effects on us
  • Find out why infidelity happens and the steps you can take to help prevent it 
  • Learn what to do when there are different levels of sex drives


  • These are just a few of the hot topics that get covered in the Sex Matters workshop





When you understand men and sex, you can feel confident and sexy in your own skin. In the Sex Matters video-workshop, I’ll show you how very different our relationship to sex is from a man’s perspective. By understanding how different men are, you’ll be able to take immediate action so you can get what you most need and desire from the men in your life. If you crave a satisfying sex life and freedom from your negative experiences in your sexual past, this workshop is for you!

Workshop Promises: 

more affection sex mattersYou will…

  • Feel more self-confident and connected with men
  • Be comfortable in your own skin & love your body right now, as it is
  • Feel safe in the world BECAUSE of who men are about your sensuality and sex
  • Experience more love, happiness, and freedom in your relationships with men, women and yourself

Sex Matters Workshop Package Includes:

  • Eight video sessions – a total of 12 hours, over 8 weeks
  • Q & A sessions with each class to get your specific questions answered
  • Questions may be asked live on the spot or submitted via email and kept anonymous for your comfort
  • Downloadable audio recordings, including Q&A portions
  • Access to private (secret) Facebook support group solely for your workshop sisters and myself to support and advise you on this learning journey
  • Exercises that will give you real breakthroughs that leave you feeling sexy, loved and empowered

This no-nonsense, practical (and fun!) 8-week workshop that will give you tools you can use immediately to heal your past and improve your love life.

I promise to be the best sister-girlfriend you’ve got. I’ll tell it to you straight – with love, compassion, and humor.


Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Get in Each Session:

#1 Women & Sex: Is it Nature or Nurture?

It all starts with instincts and triggers. You’ll discover WHY — even as your self-esteem and worth grows, you still find yourself acquiescing in situations, and have a tricky time setting boundaries. Why you’re compelled to find a provider and protector type (even when that seems like a really bad idea). And how come it feels like we just can’t win when it comes to having sex for the first time. You’ll learn the instinctual cycles that drive you, and how to stop them dead in their tracks!

#2 Chemistry & the Design of Sex

Have you ever met someone you just had to have? Intense, right? We discover what’s behind that madness. And how we can prevent things we don’t want when we are hot for them (like booty calls). You’ll recognize why you’ve picked the men you have — and if that’s not been working for you, you’ll learn what’s been in the way of you picking better.

And when it comes to committed partnership, most of us strive to figure out how to keep that original spark alive for the long haul. You can fan those flames, and you don’t have to argue and make up to keep the heat, either. You’ll see why “opposites attract” is a terrible idea for happiness, and you’ll find out how to spot real passion instead of the rush of a crush.

#3 The Effects of Sex on Men

Learn the effects of sexual attraction on men and how to use their desire for your benefit.

Gain a profound understanding of how our bodies affect men, and what they look for and need in a woman’s physicality (and there’s so much good news for you!)

Find out why men objectify a woman, and how you can prevent that from happening to you. You’ll see what causes a man to be in “take” mode and in “give” mode.

If you’ve ever been confused about men and their “type”, we’ve got that covered.

Discover what men are paying attention to in bed so you can stop worrying and enjoy yourself.

#4 Let’s Talk About Sex

In this session, you will learn how to…

  • Tell a man anything he needs to know about you and sex
  • Ask for what you need so you’ll get it or understand why you can’t.
  • Deal with the conversations around sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Talk about how your body works and how he can pleasure you
  • Find a good time to talk about the difficult things
  • Keep the relationship in GREAT shape for the long haul
  • Be on each other’s side to solve problems together

#5 From Troubles In Bed to Best. Lover. Ever!

Master how to handle the grand failure of a performance: what to do, and how to handle erectile dysfunction when it happens to you (and it will happen with you — at some point.)

Learn what to do, and how to make deals when your sex drives are incompatible. Including how to inspire more sex if you’re the one who wants more sex than he does.

A quick anatomy lesson will help you discover more pleasure for both of you in bed. And can get you out of a sexual slump.

Grasp the importance of blowjobs and how to give great head (if you’re into that).

Find out how to initiate sex so it goes well for everyone.

Discover the secret to being the best lover ever (and it’s so easy!)

#6 Making Sense of Infidelity, Non-Monogamy & Porn

We dive deep into infidelity, non-monogamy, and pornography so you get the real story of what’s going on, and you can make powerful choices. Learn what drives infidelity and what you can do to help prevent it from happening to you. Understand that not all men need non-monogamy, but some men do. Learn how you can tell which one you’ve got on your hands.

Pornography can be upsetting for some women. Gain a new perspective on porn so you’re not so hurt by the experience of your partner using it.

#7 Where’s Your Line? & Sexual Healing

Discover your sexual needs, your dealbreakers, and the world of kink. Even if you aren’t interested in exploring kink, you can at least understand what it’s all about for those who do.

Sexual healing of your history starts in this class and continues into class #8.

#8 Your Sexual Power & Bringing Out the Best in Men

Observe men as providers and protectors, not as preditors. You’ll be able to see the grace in men, and how to interact with them to get the best out of them.

Explore and play with your energy to bring out different aspects of men. Instead of getting the “taker” aspect of a man’s sexuality, discover how to get something else.

Harness your feminine, sexual energy, and power, and see the real reason men know they are the beggars and we are the choosers.

You want in, right?


Why You Might Want to Learn From Me

I have been studying, interviewing and understanding men since 2002.

When I was a girl, I was heartbroken by men ~ and then as a teen, it kept happening over and over and over again. By 12, I learned that men were unsafe. They were bigger and stronger and they’d take what they wanted. And sometimes it was just easier to give in to get out of a room.

In my early 20’s I met a lovely, incredibly easy-going guy. He was the safest man I’d ever seen. I loved him, BUT I picked him from a deep-seeded fear of strong masculinity. I was the man in the relationship. A decade later, I learned an important lesson: Testosterone is what drives the pursuer in a sexual relationship.

In 2002, I began my journey to heal my relationship with men and the masculine. I dove head-first into studying partnership by learning from relationship expert, Alison Armstrong. By 2006, I was leading her workshops and for over a decade, I have led her courses as well as trained others to do so and subsequently, I created my own curriculum for women as well.

I have interviewed thousands of men on every topic you could imagine. I focused on what most matters to women, like what men think about love, commitment, relationships, and fidelity as well as what it means to be a man.

And I’ve learned a lot! And I can’t wait to share it with you, so you can have the understanding and love you’ve always wanted.


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Who attends Sex Matters?  If you’re a woman who’s committed to having a loving and empowered relationship to your body, a kinder/gentler relationship with yourself, with your sexual past and a juicy romantic relationship with your partner(s) then, this workshop is for you.

Whatever your relationship status is, whether it is single, married, coupled, partnered, divorcing, “it’s complicated,” if you want to connect in a more authentic and luscious way, this course is for you.

Most participants in Sex Matters are women who are anywhere from their 30s through their 60’s. Due to the subject matter, and my frank, sometimes potty-mouth, this workshop is only for adult women over 18 years of age.

Let’s do this!

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