Partnership By Design ~ Evening Event (co-ed)

Thursday, October 11, 2018
Gold Coast, Australia


Do you crave an extraordinary partnership but you can count real life examples of what you’re looking for on one hand?

What if you could create your partnership from scratch?  What if society, your religion, peers, parents, workmates, friends, the barista at Starbucks, what if they had nothing to say about what your partnership looks like?  What would you invent for your life?  To have the elements in place to be wildly happy, you’ll need some tools…

You’ll need to know how to:

  • Figure out what you desire and need from your partnership
  • Understand what might be happening with your partner so you can work with their needs and desires, along with how they’re wired so you both get what you need
  • Mend old hurts and regain respect where it has been lost
  • Create loving, respectful partnerships where no one is misbehaving and no one is ever in trouble – including you.

You’ll learn how to… 

  • Speak and be heard by the opposite sex
  • Draw out the best in each other
  • Handle a lie
  • Make agreements and build structures that work for everyone
  • Get your needs met while respecting what your partner(s) need

Is Partnership By Design For You? If you’re committed to creating a partnership model you love, one that brings you joy, ease and connection to you and those around you, you’re in the right spot.  You may attend solo, bring a friend, partner or multiple partners.  This is all about creating a life YOU love, in a judgment-free zone.  Come join us and design your own version of happily ever after.

Partnership By Design co-ed evening session is co-led by partners Dave Pierce and Wendy Newman.




Hey gay, queer, trans, and poly people!  We are orientation and poly-friendly and can work with you through many of the issues inherent in your relationships.  We didn’t state that clearly above because it wonked out the verbiage and made it sound too complicated when we tried to insert he/she/they and plurals everywhere in the document.  (You’re not a stranger to complicated, right?)  Know this:  You are loved and welcome!

All participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Purchasing this workshop means you’ve read and agree to the Terms & Conditions Page.