I’m committed to helping women find love and stay in love. And so far, I’ve helped over fifty thousand women since 2002. You can be one of those women.

I offer 4 workshops:

READY FOR LOVE will help you succeed in the dating process so you can get to your love. Do you wish that dating was over? You’ll shortcut the experience and save yourself time, money, heartache and energy.

FINDING YOUR LOVE is a self-guided workshop that will help you figure out what it is you’re looking for in a mate and show you seven blocks that may be in your way to finding your love.

HAPPY IN LOVE will help you understand your partner, and create a relationship worth having. Want to learn how to have a healthy relationship? This is your spot.

SEX MATTERS will give you access to the sex life of your dreams, and freedom from your past and any shame or embarrassment you may still carry.

There’s more details on each course below.

If you would like me to tailor a talk or workshop for your group, please look at my TAILORED WORKSHOP MENU HERE.

Class Schedule for 2017/2018:

Partnership by Design

October 13 & 14 ~ Gold Coast, Australia

Getting the BEST from men starts with understanding them. Having a relationship with a man that is filled with love, fun, ease, connection, & HAPPINESS is possible. And it doesn’t even have to be hard. ~ Wendy Newman Imagine… Having the intimacy with men you crave Being appreciated and cherished Being confident in your trust…

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Australia Workshops ~ October 2018

    Partnership by Design Do you crave an extraordinary partnership but can count real-life examples of what you’re looking for on one hand? Having a relationship that is filled with love, fun, ease, connection, and happiness IS possible. And it doesn’t even have to be hard. ~ Wendy Newman Saturday, October 13 & Sunday, October…

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Partnership By Design ~ Evening Event (co-ed)

Thursday, October 11, 2018
Gold Coast, Australia

Do you crave an extraordinary partnership but you can count real life examples of what you’re looking for on one hand? What if you could create your partnership from scratch?  What if society, your religion, peers, parents, workmates, friends, the barista at Starbucks, what if they had nothing to say about what your partnership looks…

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Ready for Love ~ Dating Workshop

A Self-Guided Video & Audio Workshop

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Right Now.

Do you wish you could skip the dating process altogether, but somehow find your mate? You’re not alone. Maybe dating could be easier than you think, maybe even fun…

Ready for Love offers up my experience on over 121 first dates. I can give you the answers to the questions that plague you. And I’ll add some compassion and love along the way. Many women who have done this workshop have found their love, and this course will help you meet yours too.

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Happy in Love

A Self-Guided Video & Audio Workshop

Next class starts: Right Now.

The handy phrase “battle of the sexes” didn’t come out of nowhere. We’ll get underneath the anger, frustration and resentment that often happens instinctually between men and women. If you’re committed to having loving, happy relationship with someone who is your friend, not your adversarial

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Sex Matters ~ Live Video Workshop

8-Week Video-Workshop
Wednesdays: 5:00-6:30pm Pacific Time
Next class starts: September 12, 2018

BUY NOW  Imagine… Having your #MeToo experiences healed Getting the sex you crave Loving your body and knowing it is deeply loved by others Experiencing enough intimacy Feeling confident & powerful in your sex life In this LIVE video workshop series, you’ll learn about men, you and sex! If you’re single, you’ll be able…

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