What Makes You the Expert?

I am an expert in the same way anyone becomes an expert: years and years of research and experimentation.

I wrote a book about my 121 first dates, and it’s full of fun adventures and anecdotes, but the truth is:  I haven’t just been dating men, I’ve been studying them. In order to understand them, I have actually directly interviewed them, for years.  Thousands of men and thousands of questions later, I can say with some confidence that I know a man’s point of view.

My own life has seen its share of difficult and painful relationships with men, and I have dedicated my life, both personally and professionally, to bringing love, peace and happiness through better understanding among the sexes and new ways to partner well.

I am a certified man expert, from Allison Armstrong’s Pax certification and licensing programs in the areas of understanding men, creating strong partnerships and understanding differences between men and women when it comes to sex.  This background created the foundation for my own research, and I have built a successful practice counseling women while leveraging the patterns and practices from my own experience, and explaining the rationale from my research.

If I were to describe the primary goal of my life, it is to save as many women as I can from the pain and heartbreak that comes from misunderstanding and discouragement. 

I want you to choose a life and a partner that empowers you and fits your authentic self.