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Ask Wendy: How Do I Deal with His kinky violent High Sex Drive?

How Do I Deal with His High Sex Drive?

No one can count on a 100% libido match with their partner; plus, we all ebb and flow over the years. But each of us needs to consider this in the dating phase of a new relationship to examine if we’ll be a good fit for each other.

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Are We Compatible?

The things we discover in books are not immutable qualities or hard-and-fast rules. This is not science. These are not unchangeable differences you are stuck with or must overcome.

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“This was without a doubt, life-changing. I had no idea that my marriage could be this intimate, fun and safe by applying what I learned. It’s been three months now, and our marriage is unrecognizable in the best ways possible. I can’t thank you enough, Wendy.”

Audrey H. – San Francisco, California

Magical & Visceral

“Why weren’t we taught this in school??? This is right on and has already transformed my relationship with my boyfriend. It feels magical and visceral. Thank you!”

Kim A. – Sedona, Arizona

A Bright Future

“Thank you, Wendy, for your generous insight and compassionate understanding of men. I joined your workshop with my mother. We are desperately trying to break eight generations of bad relationship dynamics with the men in our family. I’m sure that we are on a different path and look forward to a bright future being happy and healthy in our relationships with all men in our lives. All my love.” Hailey B. – Seattle, Washington