Online Dating Essentials: NEW Video Workshop



Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to meet your man?

Guess where all the guys are…online. Yes, over 30% of new relationships begin online.

How many friends do you have that meet their love online? At least one, right?!? More like five.

Online is where to be if you crave more love, romance, play and companionship in your life.

Need some help (and maybe some encouragement) to get you all the way there?

Then, grab this very LIMITED OFFER of the raw footage of Online Dating Essentials.

In This Video, You will learn:

  • Top 3 online dating mistakes almost all women make
  • How to get a higher quality guy online
  • That men and women approach online dating differently and how misunderstanding a man’s perspective ruins it for everyone
  • The 6 essential photos you MUST post to get more views and reach outs
  • How to write your dating profile so that guys read it
  • What you need to know when you look at his photos
  • How much chemistry do you need to swipe right
  • What to say when he wants to know more than you want to reveal?
  • How to read a profile and translate what he wrote into what it actually means
  • What to write in the initial message to him (whether he initiates or you do)
  • What to do if he doesn’t write much in his profile
  • What to do with “likes,” “winks” and “flirts”
  • What to do with all the loons and goons
  • How to identify scammers and conmen
  • How to manage the volume of guys contacting you
  • How to avoid becoming a pen pal and being overwhelmed with texts
  • How to move effectively from online to real life without becoming the pursuer
  • What to look for in a profile so you don’t feel duped when you meet
  • How to handle your online date when in person he’s nothing like the guy online
  • Rejection: how to deliver it with kindness AND what do when you receive it
  • How to determine if he gets a second date

Learn how to succeed at online dating now!

This video workshop is only available for a limited time.

I’ll be re-recording the information and chopping it up into sections to offer in separate bite-sized pieces. The total cost of the new product will most likely be well over four times the amount you’ll pay now for ALL the goodies in one spot. Don’t miss it!

(3 hours + 40 minutes.)





Let me help you understand men, find love & create a relationship that will make you happy.