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Everyone can take their love life to the next level. So whether you’re happily coupled or miserably coupled, I have a little something for you.

Every time I hear “A good relationship is hard work.” I think, if you say so… But I don’t think it has to be. Nurturing a rich, authentic, empowered, intimate relationship doesn’t necessarily take work but it does take a remarkable attitude, communication and connecting.

Communication. Ugh. You hear that word everywhere, but do you really know what they mean when they say it? “You two just need to communicate” doesn’t give you access to ANYTHING. Here’s where I can help.

My methods and programs break down the HOW in communication. They’re fast, direct and focused. We discover what you need, and offer you ways in speaking about it effectively. (Effective looks like actionable results, by the way.)

So take a look and grab what you need. I’ve included products to help you in communication in relationships, and also dealing with pesky feelings of jealousy, and much, much more.  I have listed the free stuff to help communication in relationships at the top.

If you’re feeling like it’s some one-on-one time with me or one of my trusted coaches that you’re looking for, find more offerings here.

I also have a-mazing live classes like Happy in Love & Sex Matters. These classes are online and are offered by video or audio, depending on how you like to learn. Check them out here.

You’re on your way to a deeper connection with your love right now. I want you to have a love where you feel safe, empowered, cherished, and have a sense of freedom and fun in our life.

Keep going, and start with the Full Moon Ritual – the game-changing tool to happiness – it’s FREE.

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Full Moon Ritual

PDF Download, Free

16 questions to ask your partner.

Are you craving an easy, fulfilling, loving partnership where everyone has what they need?
Access to intimacy with your mate starts here.

“Is there anything you need from me that you’re finding hard to get?”

This is just one of 16 questions you can ask your partner when you create your very own sacred session together. Make it delicious, or decadent, warm, or homy — this ritual is yours to design. We recommend holding your ritual once a month and including much if not all of the questions we provide. Be sure and include the ones where you two can acknowledge each other, and say what you love about each other and your relationship. Also important are the light “housekeeping” questions to see if there’s anything that’s slipped under the rug. In daily life, there’s just never a good time to bring up the bad stuff, the hard stuff, the uncomfortable stuff, even if you want to. You get busy, or tired, or you’re afraid. But the upset doesn’t go away. It starts to fester because you never really let it go. This is the beginning of a downward spiral.

Your Full Moon Ritual will give you questions to ask each other to take your relationship to the next level. Imagine a life where no one was ever in trouble, and no one was ever misbehaving…

To get more details on how this works, and to learn the history of how the Full Moon Ritual started…

Full Moon History

This ritual was meant to be adapted and to evolve over time to meet the needs of your unique partnership. If you need help or get stuck in your partnership, and you’d like one-on-one time with me, please click on the coaching link and book time with me.

“These questions were a game-changer in my marriage. After just one conversation, we took an already good marriage to an entirely new place — Priceless.”
-Jenny M. – San Diego, CA

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overcome jealousy

How To Overcome Jealousy

Did you notice I didn’t title this “How to CURE Jealousy”?

I sure wish I could, because jealousy is an extremely painful emotion. And what’s ironic, is the very jealousy that arises from our love for someone can be the very thing that destroys love.

Jealousy is a handy-dandy built-in feature that comes standard in humans. Think of it like a light switch. It can be shocking how fast that sucker gets flipped on!

While we can’t cure it, we can certainly harness it; we can use it for highly constructive purposes. We can use it for good.

In This Audio Product You Will Learn How To…

    • Overcome the emotion of jealousy so you don’t poison your love
    • Eradicate it from your system when it’s got you gripped
    • Use jealousy as a valuable signal to make repairs and deals in your life
    • Utilize jealousy to improve your relationship(s)
    • Handle your feelings of fear, abandonment, loss, sorrow, anger, betrayal, and humiliation
    • Curb your desire to control your partner
    • Set boundaries with others around their jealousy
    • Deal with jealousy in the workspace and among competition with peers
    • Mend the fallout of jealousy, the feeling of a loss of personal value and power

Come get this life-changing free gift. The audio is about 34 minutes in length.