You Asked, Men Answered Audio Series

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10 men answer the questions that plague womankind. 7 + hours of downloadable audio in 10 sections + a training on how to listen to the men in your world.

Ever ask yourself, “Why did he do that?!”

Have you noticed that men aren’t like us?

Guys are motivated and driven by different things than we are. We’re often surprised (and not in a good way) by what they do or don’t do.

We think…

“If I do ___ now, he won’t respect me.”

“If he does or doesn’t do/be/say ___, then that means he doesn’t love me.”

“Men are just ___.” (emotionally unavailable, lazy, uncaring, etc.)

What if none of this is true?

10 Men Answer Our Most Pressing Questions

Since 2002, I’ve been listening to men answer our most pressing questions, and I gotta say, it’s fascinating! It never gets old.


In this series, I have chosen questions like:

  • What do you love about women?
  • What makes a woman sexy to you?
  • What do you most want women to know about men?
  • What takes a blowjob from good to great? (Yes, ladies, we’re going all the way!)

What men have to say about relationships, women, being a man, sex, fidelity, commitment, and love is incredible.

I’m privileged to walk around this world knowing who men really are: Providers, protectors, warriors, heroes, heart-centered, caring, strong, committed, and fiercely loving.

I have the tools to bring out the best in men, — and you can, too.

You Asked, Men Answered Audio Series allows you to witness men being their authentic selves. You’ll gain a newfound respect for their perspective, and you’ll discover how to bring out the best in the men in your life.

You Asked, Men Answered Audio Series includes:

  • Over seven hours of downloadable audio in ten sections
  • A short training on how to listen to the men in your world

Who Are These Men?

The ten men in this group range in age from thirty-five to sixty-three, represent a variety of racial and ethnic identities and come from a range of socio-economic statuses. You’ll hear from fathers, husbands, boyfriends, and single men. They are all extraordinary –- because that’s who men are.

Free Gift

You will also receive an early edition of Ask Wendy: Relationship Advice for the Bold. Wendy’s syndicated advice column comes out every Friday at 8 a.m. Pacific. You’ll receive your copy directly to your email in-box at 7 a.m. 

How it Works

When you purchase this series, you will receive all 10 audios and videos. They are yours to keep and you’ll be able to refer back to them whenever you need. 

Get it Now

This information is worth so much more, but I want it to be accessible to everyone. No matter which amount you choose, you’ll be get the complete series. I trust that you are honest and will support me with what you can afford. 

Purchasing this audio series means you’ve read and agree to the Terms & Conditions Page

You Asked, Men Answered Audio Series

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