Sex, Love & Intimacy Workshop

In this two-day in-person workshop, you’ll learn about men, sex, and you!


  • Having your #MeToo experiences healed
  • Getting the sex you crave
  • Gaining the ability to not sacrifice yourself sexually
  • Loving your body and knowing it is deeply loved by others
  • Experiencing enough intimacy
  • Feeling confident & powerful in your sex life
  • Seeing other women's beauty without experiencing jealously

Unlike other larger workshops, this workshop will be intimate. Due to the size (12 women), we’ll have more space for Q & A, discussion and connection. Come bond with the sisterhood!

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Our introduction to our sexuality
was confusing & W-R-O-N-G.

I bet, like me, you learned at a young age that a good girl was chaste, and being too provocative or (gasp!) sexually curious was bad. So, you set off to be a good girl. But as we hit puberty, we saw the “good girls” getting zero attention from boys. Huh…okay, so now you have to be sexy so you can get a guy’s attention, but not too sexy because that’s bad—check. Shortly after that, you learned that sexual attention is not the only kind of attention you were looking for. You also wanted to feel cherished, respected, cared for, and protected. How were you supposed to get that? Maybe by being a good girl…? Groan. What gives?

It’s time we examine our instincts (because they’re mischievous at best and untrustworthy at worst), the stories we were told (that scared us silly), and the lessons that we learned (that sometimes caused us confusion and shame) and shake it all out to find what’s true for us as grown-up women today.

And that is only the beginning.

Sex, Love & Intimacy Workshop will help you...

  • Discover your beauty, your true essence, and your sensual power
  • Recognize the stories we were told about men and about ourselves and find out if there is any truth to these tales
  • Let go of shame, blame, and embarrassment from past negative experiences
  • Release the fear that gets in the way of true intimacy
  • Talk about intimate or delicate things with your partner
  • Discover how to get what you need to be in great sexual shape
  • Deal with differing sex drives so you're not sacrificing
  • Be comfortable in your own skin and love your body right now, as it is
  • Feel safe in the world because of who men are, not in spite of it
  • Experience more love, happiness, and freedom in your relationships with men, women, and yourself

These are just some of the hot topics that we'll cover in the Sex, Love & Intimacy Workshop

You will learn...

  • How to harness your siren energy and watch your sexual and sensual energy come alive
  • The secret to being the best lover ever (and it's so easy!)
  • How to give the best blowjob in the world (if you're into that — also easy)
  • How to keep that spark alive for the long haul
  • How to identify your sexual needs and your deal-breakers
  • What men mean by their "type"
  • What men pay attention to in bed (so you can stop worrying already)
  • How men can be your protectors, not predators
  • Why even with high self-esteem, you still acquiesce in situations and have a tricky time setting boundaries
  • How to prevent the booty call (or make them happen if you'd like to)
  • Why you pick whom you date/marry/love
  • How to prevent pursuing that terrible train wreck of a guy
  • What has a man want to take vs give
  • Why men objectify women, and how you can prevent that from happening to you
  • How to tell a man anything he needs to know about you, your body, and sex
  • How to deal with the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) convo
  • What to do, and how to make deals when your sex drives are incompatible
  • How to initiate sex so it goes well for everyone
  • What drives infidelity and what you can do to help prevent it from happening to you
  • About non-monogamy (depth of this discussion depends on group interest in the topic)
  • Why porn? Gain a new perspective on porn so you're not hurt by the experience of your partner using it
  • About kink. Like really? why? You'll see.

Sexual healing starts in this class on Saturday and culminates in a fire ritual by day’s end on  Sunday.

This is a safe, no-judgment zone to talk about absolutely anything. I promise to be the best sister-girlfriend you’ve got. I’ll tell it to you straight — that means with love, compassion, and humor, and you’ll have a lot of space to participate and collaborate in the process.

You want in, right?

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Who attends Sex, Love & Intimacy?

If you’re a woman who’s committed to having a loving and empowered relationship with your body, a kinder/gentler relationship with yourself and your sexual past, and a vibrant romantic relationship with your partner(s) then, this workshop is for you.

Whatever your relationship status — single, married, coupled, partnered, divorcing, “it’s complicated” — if you want to connect in a more authentic and delicious way to sex and intimacy, this course is for you.

Most participants in Sex, Love & Intimacy are women who fall anywhere from their thirties through their sixties. Due to the subject matter, and my frank, sometimes potty-mouth style, this workshop is only for adult women over eighteen years of age.

Why You Might Want to Learn From Me

I have been studying, interviewing and understanding men since 2002.

When I was a girl, men in my life had already broken my heart. Then as a teen, it kept happening over and over and over again. By age twelve, I’d learned that men were unsafe. They were bigger and stronger and they’d take what they wanted. 

In my early twenties I met a lovely, incredibly easy-going guy. He was the safest man I’d ever encountered. I loved him, but I picked him because of my deep-seated fear of strong masculinity. I was equating all masculine characteristics with the negative experiences I’d had with certain men in the past.

In 2002, I began my journey to heal my relationship with men and the masculine. I dove head-first into studying partnership by learning from relationship expert, Alison Armstrong. By 2006, I was leading her workshops, and for over a decade I have led her courses as well as trained others to do so. Subsequently, I created my own curriculum for women as well.

Over the years, I have interviewed thousands of men on every topic you could imagine. I focus on what matters most to women, like what men think about love, commitment, relationships, and fidelity as well as what it means to be a man.

I’ve learned a lot! And I can’t wait to share it all with you so you can enjoy the understanding, pleasure, and love you’ve always wanted.

Let's do this!

The Where, The When & The How Much

Workshop Location

A private residence located at Jackson & Davis in San Francisco’s Financial District.

Workshop Hours
Saturday, October 19, 2019:  10 a.m. — 5 p.m.
Sunday, October 20, 2019:  10 a.m. — 3 p.m.

Optional Activities
Sunday, October 20, 2019: 4:00 p.m. — Labyrinth Ritual Walk at Grace Cathedral
Sunday, October 20, 2019: 5:00 p.m. — Dim Sum Dinner + Chinese + (Veg) in Chinatown

12 participants maximum.
A wait-list will be created when this workshop is sold out.

Due to the intimate size of this workshop, this workshop is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Register by September 15, 2019 and pay $395

Sex, Love & Intimacy

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