Ready for Love ~ Dating Workshop

This dating workshop offers the answers to the questions that plague you. And armed with this new information, you’ll have an easier time finding your love NOW.


  • Knowing how to swiftly and easily maneuver the dating process
  • Setting boundaries and saying “no thank you” kindly and gracefully
  • Feeling confident & authentic in your self-expression with new people
  • Meeting your love — the guy who can handle all of who you are without disappearing

In this self-guided video & audio workshop series, you’ll learn how to successfully date to meet your love!

I’m going to be honest here, dating can be HARD! Not all the time, but if you date more than once or twice, the reality is it’s hard some of the time. And when times get tough it’s easy to quit. I don’t want you to quit, not until you have what your heart desires. There are predictable scenarios that happen out there on the dating trail that can take even the most tenacious of us out of the game completely. Let me be your trail guide. I can help you see what’s around the next bend, show you where the sinkholes are, and I’ll point out those low-hanging branches so they don’t thwack you right in the face. Don’t hike on the dating trail alone.



Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Get in Each Call:

#1 Before You Date, Create a Juicy, Happy Life

Creating happiness in single life is vital to your success in a relationship. We’ll explore ways you can be authentically happy, even in circumstances you may not have chosen.

You’ll come to know the importance of a dating buddy, and you’ll learn who is suited for the job and who (while a very nice person) makes a terrible dating buddy.

#2 Healing Your Heart

So many of us have heartache, and we’ve got to let go and heal ourselves before we’re ready for something new. You’ll learn a healing exercise you can take with you throughout the series and beyond.

We’ll make sure you’re ready for your next big love. Utilizing this method will naturally have you connect with the good ones and pass on the duds.

#3 “Where Is My Love?”

Online dating and bars are not for everyone! In this session, I’ll cover where to look and where you can stop looking because your love isn’t there.

Meeting face to face is harder today than ever before. Learn the real reason why, and discover workarounds that work!

#4 The First Date

You’ll gain confidence as you move through the first date jitters and reset your expectations. I will teach you how to be the best first date – ever. And I’ll cover first date conversation topics, etiquette, and situations that may feel off-limits, but aren’t.

#5 The First Date Continues

While you’re on that date, what are you paying attention to (other than is he cute)? You’ll see what else to keep your eye on, and you’ll learn what criteria and qualities he must possess to earn another date.

Get the skinny on paying for dates. Ditch the fake purse grab, and learn that graceful one-liner that honors you and your date when he pays.

#6 Let’s Talk About Sex

Ever wondered when is the right time to have sex for the first time to have it turn into a real relationship? I’ve got you! The answer is not hard and fast (no pun intended), and sometimes we misjudge our limits. I’ll talk about how to talk about all of it.

This call is a no-holds-barred conversation about sex and dating. I am sex-positive, and I offer real-world answers to sexual situations today.

#7 Online Photos & Essays: Finding Your Authentic Edge

You’ll learn how a man approaches online dating and views profiles different from a woman.

I cover the do’s and the not-so-obvious don’ts in online profiles and photos. From here, you’ll be able to construct your own stand-out profile that’s authentic and compelling.

I’ll teach you my “handkerchief method” and your odds of finding quality dates online will dramatically improve.

#8 Using Your “No”

Let’s make the hard part just a little bit easier. I’ll offer one-liners to politely and gracefully say “no”, in a variety of circumstances.

#9 Myths Busted: Tell Yourself A Different Story

We all carry misconceptions about men. They are intimidated by smart, successful women. Nonsense. I can tell you what’s really going on here. Newly Divorced Guys are emotionally unavailable. Bullshit. We’ll talk about how to spot the keepers vs the rebounds before you’re in too deep.

We’ll talk about avoiding those tornadoes of self-doubt and worry, the anxiety waiting for the next move, and how to be comfortable and confident with the pace of a healthy relationship.

#10 Building a Lasting Love

Ok, now that you’ve met him, how do you keep him? We’ll cover commitment, meeting your needs, and setting a solid foundation to start a lasting relationship.

I share some innovative tools Dave & I created for building a partnership in new and uncommon ways that demonstrate that there is no one right way to be a great partner.

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Get ready for love with everything you need, by video, or listen to downloaded audios. You don’t have to stress about taking notes— you can always hit pause and rewind.



Ready for Love Dating Workshop Package Includes:

  • Over 5 hours of video and audio in ten sections
  • Downloadable audio recordings
  • Hands-on exercises that will help you feel more empowered

Are You Ready to Up Your Game?

  • $147 for the package
  • $179 for the package + six months of support through Private Facebook Group.
    • Hundreds of women (in all different relationship statuses) who’ve done this workshop actively participate and support each other with dating and relationship advice, support and a ton of love. I pop on once a month to do Facebook Live Q & A. It really is my favorite community on Facebook.
    • $9 per month to continue after the first six months.




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I’m anti-rules (there’s no one size- fits all model) but I will help you think through what makes the most sense for you when it comes to dating. What do you need? What do you most desire? Let’s go get it.


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