How to Get the Best from Men

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"You can have amazing relationships with men — and it doesn't even have to be hard."
— Wendy Newman

Imagine men…

  • Giving you what you most want, need and desire
  • Really hearing you and taking action on your requests
  • Helping and supporting so you don't have to do everything yourself
  • Easily understood by you
  • Connecting with you, and giving you more attention, affection and adoration
  • Appreciating you for all you provide
  • Competing for you (and to be on your team) instead of competing with you at work
  • Experiencing more love and happiness with you

Can Understanding Men Really Be This Easy?

YES! You will learn proven methods that work with men based on two decades of studying men, interviewing men, doing a whole lot of field research, and dozens upon dozens upon dozens of science-experiment-style “will this work?” experiments with tons of trial and error.

You’ll learn why you get the results you’ve gotten so far, and it’s 100% predictable and consistent to how you were trained by your mother, our culture, and other women.

You’ll be able to recognize and reconcile what happened in the past, and apply what you learn about men in your life today — with little to no effort at all. (Just seeing it is most of the work.)

  • Why you haven't always gotten what you need — and how to turn that around
  • What pushes men away
  • How to get a guy to go deep in conversation and share his feelings
  • How to speak to be heard
  • The three layers of armor men have to criticism
  • The magic word that gets him to make you and your desires a priority
  • Why guys glaze over in the middle of your story (and how you can get that to stop)
  • How to be a trusted and valued source
  • How to get a guy to open up and share his feelings
  • How to deal with competition
  • Why they try to control a conversation and fix things unnecessarily (and how to get that to stop)
  • How to recognize dangerous men from the good eggs
  • How to get men to act on requests without nagging, complaining, etc.
  • How to bring out the best in men

Learning how to speak and listen to men newly will change your life forever — that’s a promise.

If you’re a woman who’s committed to having a loving and empowered relationship with the men in your life, this workshop is for you.

Whatever your relationship status — single, married, coupled, partnered, divorcing, “it’s complicated” — if you want to connect in a more authentic and powerful way, this course is for you.

Most participants are women who fall anywhere from their thirties through their sixties. This workshop is only for women over eighteen years of age.

Why You Might Want to Learn From Me

I have been studying, interviewing and understanding men since 2002.

I began my journey as many women do: I was trying to figure out how to deal with men, learn what they wanted, and now to not be afraid of them, their power, and their innate need to control/dominate/suppress me.

I didn’t have that great of a relationship with men and the masculine. I dove head-first into studying partnership by learning from relationship expert, Alison Armstrong. By 2006, I was leading her workshops, and for over a decade I have led her courses as well as trained others to do so. Subsequently, I created my own curriculum for women as well.

Over the years, I have interviewed thousands of men on every topic you could imagine. I focus on what matters most to women, like what men think about love, commitment, relationships, and fidelity as well as what it means to be a man.

I’ve learned a lot! And I can’t wait to share it all with you so you can be effective with all the men in your life.

The Where, The When & The How Much

Workshop Information

Due to COVID-19, all workshops have been cancelled.

Would you like to attend this workshop in your town?

How about in your living room?

These intimate workshops have been held in private residences around the country, and are hosted by women just like you.

If you’re interested in bringing it to your area, please reach out and let me know. Email Wendy@WendySpeaks.com and put in the subject line: Host a BestOfMen Workshop.

Workshop Hours
Saturday or Sunday
10 a.m. — 6 p.m.

Workshop Size
Maximum: 24 women

Workshop Pricing
$265 – $339

How to Get the Best from Men

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