Happy in Love | Relationship Workshop

Getting the best from men starts with understanding them. Having a relationship that is filled with love and HAPPINESS is possible. And it doesn’t even have to be hard.

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You’ll Learn How To…

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Happy in Love — Relationship Workshop Includes:

This series is your blueprint to creating ridiculous amounts of happiness in your partnerships, whatever that looks like for you.

What Women Say About Happy in Love!

“This was without a doubt, life-changing. I had no idea that my marriage could be this intimate, fun and safe by applying what I learned. It’s been three months now, and our marriage is unrecognizable in the best ways possible. I can’t thank you enough, Wendy.”

– Audrey H. – San Francisco, California

“I am resonating with the foundation of trust in relationships you are presenting in your course, which you call ‘best practices’, as an alternative to how we tend to control in relationships, even though we mask that control as other things.  For me, this is a new and appealing perspective and creates space and relaxation in my body. Thank you very much for that distinction between men staying in a relationship, and sex.  There is a strong undercurrent of indoctrination in our culture about women using sex to keep men in relationships.  So much old programming to undo, but off to a clear start now! “

– Patricia M. – Phoenix, Arizona

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Happy In Love

Regularly $229 – On Sale Now