The Myth of the Alpha Male

Do you know what an Alpha Male is exactly?


This four-part audio series examines what it is to be an alpha male and how men relate to and either embrace or resist this label. (Hint: few men embrace it.)

The Myth of the Alpha Male highlights the benefits and reveals the downsides of being with an alpha or choosing a non-alpha.

When you understand what sets the alpha male apart from the pack, and you see how the rest of the pack relates to him, you have access to the BEST of the guy you have standing in front of you — alpha or no.

Learn how to get what you NEED from all men.

If you’re single, learn how to ATTRACT the right guy for you based on the alpha and non-alpha distinctions.



This amazing and thorough investigation into the qualities of an alpha man originated from my friend and colleague, Shadee Ardalan. With her permission, I have picked up her research, added to it, and created this audio series for you.

Sixteen years of research to understand men and partnership have gone into the making of this series.


The Myth of the Alpha Male Series Includes:

  • 4 audio files 

…all to help you discover what you’re looking for in a man and what prevents you from attracting him now.


Who needs The Myth of the Alpha Male Series?  

If you’re a woman looking for a man,  living with a man, or working with a man, I’ve got what you need.

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The Myth of the Alpha Male Series is available for preorder for $47 (reg. $74)

Release date: March 31, 2019.