30 Days to Understanding Men

Daily Email 5-Minute Challenge $9

Have you ever wondered, ‘yeah, but what do mean really think?’

Invest 5 minutes a day, have a willingness to get to know the men in your life, and I promise you, you will change your relationship with all men forever.

Each day you’ll receive an email from me. In it is your daily question to ask a man in your life (bonus points if you ask more than one man).

Because men vary, you can’t predict how long it could take him to answer your question. If you don’t have a lot of time, simply ask it as a “quick question”. If you have more than five minutes to spare, you can listen until he says, “that’s all I have to say about that.”

Question: When is the last time you heard that from a man?

Each answer will give you greater depth and understanding to men and their motivations. Your conversations will be enlightening, and your opinion of men will get an upgrade.

Learn how to live and work with men more effectively, and have a lot more fun, help and love in your life.

Daily Email 5-Minute Challenge $9


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