What Kind of Woman Joins This Workshop?


There are countless obstacles that interfere with finding a good man (and when you finally find one, keeping him). The interesting thing is that dating issues have become consistent. By and large many women over the age of 30 struggle with the same things:

  • Lost & Stuck ~ As in you don’t know what to say, you don’t know how to react or respond to situations, and you’re getting mixed messages from dates and you’re dealing with power struggles.
  • Skeptical you’ll ever find the right person for you
  • Frustrated that the people around you have someone and you’re becoming “the single friend” at the party or worse, a statistic
  • Disappointed because you want and deserve a “higher quality” guy, and the ones coming your way are not the right fit for you (to say it nicely.)
  • Sad & Annoyed that the right ones aren’t picking you (because you are amazing!)
  • Fearful that you’ll die alone (or live out your days with 50 cats, binge watching Netflix)

That’s the root of it. And as you can imagine the roots grow deeper the longer you’re alone and longing for love. Happy single people are out there. But what separates them from you is they aren’t feeling any of the negativity above. They are satisfied, happy and content being single.

If you’re feeling any of these emotions, to some degree a part of your heart wants love.

That is something I can help you achieve.

What I need you to know is that YOU can get out of this place.

Imagine if the men you met were healthy, honest and open.

Maybe men respond to us, and I can help you get more of what you’re after, an available, commitment-oriented man. Does that mean he’ll be forever free from his ex? Not necessarily, especially if he’s a Dad. But it does mean that he’s hopeful for the future and not stuck in love with a woman who got away. (There are two kinds of newly divorced men, I can teach you how to spot the difference.)

We are all human. You won’t find a person on the planet totally devoid of a past. But you can find one who is ready to love you, just as you’re ready to love him.

But you have to be ready to notice him when he walks into your life. And you have to know the right questions to ask (and not ask). The signs we’ve used for vetting don’t work:

Single does not equal ready for love

Missing a wedding ring does not mean eligible to get married

Childless does not mean ready to be a Dad

Tall doesn’t necessarily mean “good match” for you

To find a good guy you’ve got to look deeper. If you’re head is stuck in your past, missing your ex, worried that all men are like your old loves, you won’t have the wherewithal to even DISTINGUISH between a single man and an eligible man.

And when you’re ready to figure this out, I will show you how.

If you’re a single mom you might have some specific limitations that other women without kids don’t have.  We can work on that.

If you’re a rockstar in business we can look at your busy life and figure out how to fit dating in so you’re not doing it on the fly and only when you’re lonely.

If you’re a a trailblazer and you want your own relationship rules, I can help. We can examine convention through the filter of what you need and what’s important to you so you can understand what makes sense for you this time around.



I’ve noticed the type of women who attend Ready for Love are…  Smart, successful, single women who are looking for love and their own version of happily ever after. Participants range in age from 30’s-60’s (being over 18 is required).

If you are a woman dating women and/or trans you will get value from this program, and I welcome you warmly. You will, however, be subject to sections of the workshop that might not pertain to you, and you’ll likely have to do the occasional pronoun flipping.

If any of this sounds like you, let me give you relief, empower you and gift you with some real HOPE.