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If you feel your sex life and/or relationship could use a a little work, I’m here for you. I can also help you sort through what you need and want out of any relationship, be it romantic, sexual, or otherwise. I can teach you how to ask for—and get—these things, as well as how to set healthy boundaries gently and effectively with anyone in your life when it comes to the things you don’t want around.

If you just need a quick hour, you can grab it right here for $185. If you’re looking for something more in-depth and personalized, I offer the following packages:

If you need dating coaching, online profile help, etc, I enthusiastically recommend Carol Rodrick. I am not currently offering coaching on how to date, but Carol is amazing and she can help you every step of the way.

From the first blush of a new relationship to the well-worn connection of a lifelong love, I’m your person for all things partnership.

If you have an existing package, please schedule time with me by sending me two optimal times/dates (PST) and I’ll work to accommodate one of them. Email:

Woman holding help signTogether, we can:

  • Work on problems or challenges in your current relationship
  • Heal and clear out past relationship pain so you can move on
  • Solve sex-related concerns so you can be free and expressive in bed
  • Roleplay an upcoming important conversation so you can get what you need in the moment
  • Truly understand why people do what they do so you can experience more love and connection in life

  • Get clarity, answers, and a solid game plan that suits your specific needs and goals

Unconventional Partnership(s)

Are you in an open relationship of some sort? I’ve got you. I am an expert in navigating polyamorous and “monogamish” relationship structures as well as monogamous ones. Let me help you be ridiculously happy in love!

My Coaching Philosophy & Experience


My Typical Clients Are…

Wendy NewmanYour Coaching Package with Wendy Newman

Think of your package as a tab—only the minutes used (not scheduled) are deducted from the total price of the package, so book more time than you think you need.

Cancellation policy: Cancel up to 1 minute before your appointment without penalty.

If you no-show or keep me waiting without connecting with me to cancel, those minutes will be deducted from your tab up to the 30-minute mark.

A scheduled no-show call is automatically canceled after the first 30 minutes.


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