Relationship Coaching

Due to my writing schedule, I am only accepting a few new coaching clients.

If you need relationship and/or sex-related coaching, I offer:

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If you need a dating coach, I recommend Carol Rodrick. You can email Carol at 

I am not currently offering coaching on how to date. 

If you have an existing package, please schedule time with me by sending me two optimal times/dates in Pacific Time and I’ll try to accommodate one of them. Email:

Woman holding help signTogether we can:

  • Work on problems or challenges in your current relationship
  • Heal and clear out past relationship pain so you can move on
  • Solve sex-related concerns so you can be free and expressive in bed
  • Role-play an upcoming important conversation so you can get what you need
  • Understand the opposite sex in order to experience more love and connection in your life
  • Get clarity, answers, and a solid game plan that suits your specific needs and goals

Are You in an Open Relationship?  I’ve Got You.

I am an expert in navigating polyamorous and monogamish relationship structures, as well as monogamous ones. Let me help you be ridiculously happy in love.

My Coaching Philosophy & Experience


My Typical Clients Are…

Wendy NewmanYour Coaching Package with Wendy Newman

Your package is used as a tab, only the minutes used (not scheduled) are deducted from the total time so book more time than you think you need.

Cancellation policy: Cancel up to 1 minute before your appointment without penalty.

If you no-show or keep me waiting without connecting with me to cancel, those minutes will be deducted from your tab up to 30 minutes.

A scheduled no-show call is automatically canceled after the first 30 minutes.


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