When Children Challenge Love - Widower Edition

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I’ve been in a relationship with a widower for two years. He has two grown, married kids. His wife was killed three years ago — a devastating incident.

His kids were not on board with us from Day #1. They thought it was too soon since their mom passed. I understood, and always gave him space to be with them. They refused to meet me or hear my name.

I don’t understand all this hatred and disrespect. I have been a good partner to their dad. I am very hurt as I am a very caring, loving person who has good intentions and who stood by my partner during all his sad days, and still do.

I know you will tell me someone else’s opinion about me is none of my business. Still, I cannot see my partner being in bad fights with his kids and cannot stand the names and labels I am hearing.

What shall I do? Email the kids? Just walk away from the relationship? Be more patient and maybe something will change? My heart is aching…

CM — Dubai

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