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What’s Up with the OK Cupid Questions

Friday, August 11, 2017
Hi Wendy.

How many OK Cupid questions should I fill out?

OK Cupid questions! It was my favorite part about that site – besides the whole meeting cute, smart and interesting guys part, that is. You can answer as many questions as you want. However, you’ll pay the price of incompatibility if you choose to skip the questions process altogether, or if you simply answer a handful of questions.

The system’s algorithms that match you to potential suiters won’t have enough data on you to match you accurately. So instead of making you more of a desirable fit for others, they penalize you by giving you a lesser percentage score to everyone.

In other words, if you put up a stellar profile complete with adorable photos and answers to all the pull-down and multiple choice questions, and add a handful of clever lines in your essay but answer none of their fun questions, it might rate you a 73% match with HotTamale69. But if you went in and answered, say, a couple of dozen questions or so, it may make that compatibility percentage leap up to 94%. So yeah – the question part is kinda important.

Answering OK Cupid questions can be totally addictive if you get on a roll. And the text box offers you the opportunity to really state your case, or in my case, get on your soapbox on topics that matter to you like “Is jealousy healthy in a relationship?” or “In a certain light, wouldn’t nuclear war be exciting?” Seriously? I loved using that text box to castigate the asinine question itself. Good times.

I think the average person answers somewhere in the 300s-400s, but I’ve seen daters who have answered thousands. These people are showing you they have a shit-ton of free time on their hands, or they’ve been on the site for years. Not bad, just data.

So go ahead! Answer away! Skip all the ones you aren’t comfortable with and have fun with the rest.

Happy Dating!

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