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Pubic Hair: Do I Need to Shave or Wax in Order to be Sexy?

Friday, June 7, 2019
Hey Wendy,

What's the deal with pubic hair?

It seems like in the last 20 years, waxing has become the new norm. What do guys think about this? I basically want to know everything: do men prefer waxed? Why? What about a full bush, is that still sexy? Trimmed?

I'm not on board with waxing, and I have a lot of resistance to it. I tried waxing 2x, and it was honestly the worst pain of my life -- I had to stop halfway through! Do I need to shave or wax in order to be sexy these days?

Old Fashioned Frances — Online

Hey Old Fashioned Frances,

No, you do not need to shave or wax in order to be sexy. Sexy starts with you feeling sexy, whatever  style you’re rockin’.

Do men have preferences? Yep. And every man is different. Lucky for you, the ones who get to have sex with you will like your style. He needs something else? Next. You gave waxing the old college try, twice. You’ve put in your time. You get to groom, shape, condition, or leave au naturel any way you choose. Trimming with electric clippers is a thing, and it’s one option if you’d like to keep things short without the pain. Even better, if your lover has that preference and you’re willing to accommodate, then it can be his duty to shave you — foreplay.

Lastly, an old-fashioned girl just may want to find an old-fashioned guy. One who reminisces fondly over the good old heyday of the 70’s bush.

You (and your pubic hair) keep doing you. And know that sexy is a mindset, not a hairstyle.

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