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What is the Perfect First Date Spot?

August 30, 2016
eiffel tower from trocadero, paris, france
Hey Wendy,

Where is the perfect first date spot? I don't want to go to coffee places.

Anna B. — Denver, CO

Hey Anna,

Paris! Did that help? 

Okay, so the real answer is wherever the two of you are together that’s safe and comfortable. It’s fine to meet in a café, a city park, or somewhere easy-breezy. No need to make a big production out of your first meet-and-greet date.

A good friend of mine once said, “But I want our first date to be special. I don’t want to tell our grandchildren we met at a Starbucks!” then she went on to several dozen more first dates trying to make each and every one of them uniquely memorable so she could have that romantic story to whip out. Perfect, she was exhausted and ended up quitting dating for a while.

How about this: Decide your special story starts on date #2. In the meantime, the closest, most convenient place to where you are, works splendidly for a first date.

Want some bad date locations? Dog parks ~ tried it, epic fail. Don’t believe everything you see in the movies. Films ~ you won’t get to know each other. Super-loud places ~ generally annoying to both of you when you have to shout at each other on a first date.

Happy dating!

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