Ask Wendy

Penis Size Is Not the Problem

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Hey Wendy,
My boyfriend is pretty self-conscious about his penis size. His ex-girlfriend was not too kind with her words on the matter.
Size is not an issue for me; I love the man. And in my opinion, he's actually pretty average. I just would like some advice on what I can do to help make him comfortable with himself around me, and make it known that it's personally not an issue.

Piper G. — Ojai, CA

Hey Piper,

Aargh, humans! We say the dumbest things sometimes. There are thoughtless people scattered across the globe who say devastating things to others, and I’m sorry his ex-girlfriend is one of them.

I think for most women it’s not the size that matters, it’s the fit. And a good, solid set of skills doesn’t hurt either.

So how do you clean up her mess? The next opportunity you have where you’re both chilling and chatting in a non-sexy setting, try saying something like this: “Hey, I’m so sorry your stupid ex-girlfriend made hurtful remarks to you about your size. That was cruel, even if she didn’t mean it to be. She’s wrong, and by the way, I think your size is normal. I know what she said has caused you feelings of inadequacy but I want to say for the record, I think we are a nice fit together, and larger or smaller just wouldn’t be us. And I LOVE us! So, can you please know that I think you’re awesome and you totally rock my world in bed? I love you.” Hopefully that will give him peace.

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