Workshops & Speaking Events One Sheet

Do You Want Wendy for Your Retreat or Event?

Wendy is available for interviews, speaking events, workshops, and retreats, and she’d be delighted to cover any of these topics:

  • Standing in Your Power
  • Communication Made Easy
  • Happiness in Partnerships
  • Sexually Satisfied & Loving That Body (right now, as it is)
  • Owning All of Who You Are
  • Unconventional Lifestyles & Choices

Wendy’s pre-designed talks and courses range from fifteen minutes to three days.

Here are a few to consider… 

Partnership by Design

Length: Up to six hours of content
Workshop for: Adults of any gender

Do you crave an extraordinary partnership but you can count real-life examples of what you’re looking for on one hand?

Partnership By Design is a relationship workshop that brings practical wisdom to new ways of thinking. Ditch the disappointments of failed expectations. Gain tools to design your relationship around the things you need for you and your relationship to thrive.

Single or partnered (in any configuration), all people over 18 interested in being ridiculously happy in their lives are welcome.

How to Get the Best from Men

Length: Up to six hours of content

Workshop for: Women 

You can have amazing relationships with men, and it doesn’t even have to be hard.  Imagine men giving you what you most want, need and desire; and connecting with you with a level of intimacy you didn’t think was possible.

It starts with understanding men so you can get the BEST out of them. From there you’ll be able to create a relationship where you’re appreciated and cherished…

Sex, Love, and Intimacy

Length: Up to thirteen hours of content
Workshop for: Women over 18

Heal your past, embrace your gorgeous body, and tap into your divine sensual self. In this workshop, women will discover their beauty. They’ll let go of past shame and embarrassment and heal their history. We’ll cover everything sex: from the mechanics (ED), to how to be the best lover ever, to why infidelity happens and how to help prevent it, and so, so much more.

Living Polyamorously Ever After

How Can I Accept My Polyamorous Girlfriend?Length: Up to six hours of content
Workshop for: All are welcome to attend 

Amazing relationships are possible, even when there are more than two.  Whether you’re in a polyamorous relationship(s) or your considering it, this is the workshop for you. We’ll cover advanced relationshipping that will address the very real and specific challenges that come with more than one.

Do You Need Something Tailored?

Here are some talks given in the past:

  • 3 Must-Have Qualities in Any Good Relationship (relationship)
  • How to Change Your Partner (relationship)
  • #1 Secret to a Happy Partnership (relationship)
  • Expressing Emotions While Honoring Others (communication)
  • Boundaries 101 (communication)
  • Expressing Love & Avoiding Burnout (relationship)
  • A Look Behind the Battle of the Sexes (relationship)
  • The Big Four Troublemakers in Nearly Every Relationship (relationship)
  • How to Ask for What You Need – Effectively (communication)
  • Communication is Everything! But What Does That Really Mean? (communication)
  • Honoring All of Who You Are – Setting Yourself Up for Happiness (women empowerment)
  • Partner Have-to-haves (dating)
  • How to Stay in Love (relationship)
  • Overcoming Jealousy (relationship)
  • How to Be Ridiculously Happy in Your Relationship (relationship)
  • Avoid Resignation, Resentment & Unfulfilled Expectations In Your Relationships with Men (relationship)
  • How To Attract, Nurture & Influence Men (relationship)
  • Your Inner Critic – Friend or Foe? (women empowerment)
  • Healing & Restoring Your Heart from Your Sexual Past (women empowerment)

If you’re interested in hiring Wendy for your event, please contact Michelle Geary at