The Anti-Rules Book of Practical Wisdom Based on Misadventures on 121 First Dates

Dating and relationship expert Wendy Newman knows three things for sure: There is a special someone for each of us out there. Chances are you will meet a lot of nos before you find your yes. And you can’t let that scare you off, because you’ll miss out on something amazing!

Part guidebook, part titillating tell-all, 121 First Dates is the best friend you will be happy to have on your dating quest. Sharing the often hilarious, always heartfelt, and sometimes mortifying first dates she went on to find her perfect match, Wendy has made every imaginable dating mistake out there — so you don’t have to. Busting myths, answers age-old questions, and examining the pitfalls that make you want to give up on dating altogether, Wendy offers you a treasure trove of best practices you need to navigate the online dating trenches. But most of all, 121 First Dates will inspire you to keep stepping out until you find your happily-ever-after.

“Wendy Newman has created a smart, engaging, and compassionate dating guide for women. She shares her victories, struggles, and mistakes without apology in the hopes that her journey will inspire others to live to their full love potential.” — Sheila Kelley, crator of Sheila Kelley S Factor and author of The S Factor

“The judgment-free zone located within the pages of 121 First Dates playfully guides women through the dating process while granting them the freedom and permission to find what they truly need in a relationship.” — Alison Armstrong, author of The Queen’s Code

Library Journal | Full Review Here | November 15, 2015
“…comprehensive guide for women of all ages who range from tired of dating to eager to get back out there again. VERDICT Sound advice in the form of what to do and what not to do.”

Publishers Weekly | Full Review Here | January, 2016
“Intrepid dater Newman—now in a long-term relationship—reveals the bumpy road she traveled to her own happy-ever-after…VERDICT This frank advice will help those still struggling to find love believe in its ultimate possibility.”

Metro | 3 Books That Won’t Make You Hate Valentines Day | February 6, 2016
“While there are plenty of online dating tips in this new release, what makes it especially fun to read are the crazy-but-true dating tales that sex and relationship expert Wendy Newman divulges along the way. You’ll feel others’ pain while improving your own dating life.”



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You, Me and Them: Wild Tales and Wise Musings for Relationship Rebels and Non-Conformists

Wendy’s forthcoming book will have you questioning everything you know about conventional relationships, sex and what it is you truly desire in your love life.

She shines the light on creative ways people are finding their joy (28 short stories).

You can count on Wendy’s frank, practical wisdom that comes from her commitment to people living a free, happy and empowered life. 

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“This was without a doubt, life-changing. I had no idea that my marriage could be this intimate, fun and safe by applying what I learned. It’s been three months now, and our marriage is unrecognizable in the best ways possible. I can’t thank you enough, Wendy.”

Audrey H. – San Francisco, California

Magical & Visceral

“Why weren’t we taught this in school??? This is right on and has already transformed my relationship with my boyfriend. It feels magical and visceral. Thank you!”

Kim A. – Sedona, Arizona

A Bright Future

“Thank you, Wendy, for your generous insight and compassionate understanding of men. I joined your workshop with my mother. We are desperately trying to break eight generations of bad relationship dynamics with the men in our family. I’m sure that we are on a different path and look forward to a bright future being happy and healthy in our relationships with all men in our lives. All my love.” Hailey B. – Seattle, Washington