10 Life-Changing Habits Happily Single People Do Every. Single. Day.

happy woman

Get ready to LOVE your life!

Happy single people are just like happily coupled people.

Yep, you read that right!

Why? Because we know one of the greatest — and simplest — secrets in life. Every day, we get to hang out with the most amazing person we know … ourselves!

And this doesn’t change when we find our perfect someone, because that person should never “complete” us; they should complement us. “Loving yourself” isn’t just a lip service concept — it’s a real way of life, whether your life is a partnered or not.

Entrusting the sacred task of caring for you to anyone else can feel like a delicious perk, but it’s far from a necessity. And what better time to start putting yourself first than while you’re flying solo?

Happy-making habits will get you a long way towards not only being “content” as a single person but towards truly loving your single self too. So, to help you along here is some advice from those of us ALREADY rocking the happy single life. Here’s what we do that makes solo living so amazing:

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