Happy in Love

8-Week Live Video Workshop
Thursdays: 6:00-7:15pm Pacific Time
Next class starts: February 22, 2018

Do you have trouble understanding men?

Do you want more support from all the men in your life?

Imagine… having relationships with men that are loving, easy, peaceful, fun, connected & HAPPY.

Image… having the intimacy you crave with men.

Imagine … living a happy life with ALL the men in your life and any man you encounter.

It all starts with understanding men so you can get the BEST out of them.

From there you’ll be able to create relationships where you’re appreciated and cherished…

In this video-workshop, I’ll show you WHY guys do what they do (and why they don’t do what we want them to).

By understanding how different men are, you’ll be able to take immediate action and so you can get what you most need and desire from the men in your life.

Most women deal with the same issues with men.

Do you ever feel…

  • Fear/Afraid ~ that men try to control, limit or dominate you (and not in a hot or sexy way)
  • Confusion ~ you don’t know what they mean or if they actually mean what they say
  • Needy ~ you don’t want to appear needy, yet you have needs and he either denies them or dismisses them
  • Heartbreak ~ they keep saying things and doing things (or not doing things) that hurt your feelings and they feel no remorse about it
  • Upset ~ they say they care but they have a “funny” way of showing it
  • Dismissed, Invalidated or Not Heard ~ guys don’t seem to listen to you
  • Frustration ~ nothing seems to work when it comes to changing them
  • Skeptical thinking that all men suck, are apathetic, lazy and unevolved
  • Anger ~ no matter what you do, it’s not getting better and you are getting to the end of your rope
  • Sadness and disappointed that he doesn’t love, care or respect you enough to be the kind of man you deserve.
  • Hopeless ~ you’re tired of it all and you just want to give up

If you’re feeling any of these emotions, this workshop is for you!



Here’s where I can help with Happy in Love!

My #1 goal is to teach you to master men. You will learn how to speak to get through to them. You’ll recognize when he’s listening, and how to get his attention to hear you if he’s not. Gain skills that will allow men to open up and go deep. You’ll be able to hold boundaries. You’ll grow a deep love for men that will make you irresistible to them.

And that is only the beginning.


I have been studying, interviewing and understanding men since 2002.

When I was a girl, I was heartbroken by men ~ and then as a teen, it kept happening over and over and over again. So in my early 20’s I met a lovely, incredibly easy-going guy. He was the safest man I’d ever seen. I loved him, BUT I picked him from a deep-seeded fear of strong masculinity. I was the man in the relationship. When someone had to be accountable, I called the shots and managed every aspect our life together for over a decade. One day, I realized that not only was I exhausted from doing everything myself, BUT he could NEVER give me my heart’s desire. He and I just weren’t a fit. I needed more leadership, sex and strength than he could give and I was no longer willing to live without it.

In 2002, I began my journey to heal my relationship with men. I wanted to understand men, and love them without losing myself. I dove head-first into studying partnership by learning from relationship expert, Alison Armstrong. By 2006, I was leading her workshops and for over a decade, I have led her courses as well as trained others to do so and subsequently, I created my own curriculum for women as well.

I have interviewed thousands of men on every topic you could imagine. I focused on what most matters to women, like what men think about love, commitment, relationships and fidelity as well as what it means to be a man.

And I’ve learned a lot!

Men have a very different point of view than we do. They act different, commit for different reasons and use their time, energy and resources differently than us.

Happy in Love Video-Workshop will help you…

  • Understand men in new ways that makes your life easier
  • Have more intimacy with men without all the effort it usually requires to get them to be vulnerable
  • Get more of what you need from men with a lot less struggle
  • Attract a powerful man who wants a powerful woman like you, who wants to make you happy
  • Choose your relationships from love instead of fear
  • Give yourself a big, fat break from the nagging drive of perfection 

Course Promises:

  • You’ll feel more confident and connected with men
  • Men will suddenly pay more attention to you
  • Single?  You’ll have a competitive edge – a man-friendly woman is irresistible
  • Married or partnered? You’ll get more support from your guys and feel appreciated for all you provide
  • Work with a team of men? You’ll get more participation and respect and can further your career faster with them on your side
  • You’ll have compassion for, and see the beauty in all women – including you!
  • You’ll experience more love, happiness and freedom in your relationships with men, women and yourself

Happy In Love Workshop Package Includes:

  • Over 12 hours of call time, over 8 weeks
  • Q & A sessions with each call to get your specific questions answered
  • Questions may be asked live on the call or submitted via email and kept anonymous for your comfort
  • Downloadable recordings, including Q&A sessions
  • Access to private Facebook support group solely for your workshop sisters and myself to support and advise you on this learning journey
  • Hands-on exercises that will give you the real breakthroughs in understanding men that leave you feeling powerful and loved

This no-nonsense, practical (and fun!) 8-week “man-splaining” workshop will give you tools you can use immediately to improve all your relationships with men.

I promise to be the best sister-girlfriend you’ve got. I’ll tell it to you straight – with love, compassion and humor. Consider me your translator to understanding men.

Would you like to know a common mistake we make when we start a relationship?

Here’s a four minute clip (a bite-sized snack) of me telling you what happens when women try to change men.  “Click here to listen.” (.mp3)



Who attends Happy in Love?  Smart, successful, women who desire to have loving relationships with men regardless of the context. Whether it’s a romantic relationship or platonic one, you can have interactions with all men that have more ease, grace, and satisfaction.

Most participants range in age from 30’s-60’s. Must be 18.


Purchasing this workshop means you’ve read and agree to the Terms & Conditions Page.

Are You Ready to be Happier?

  • $497 for the Happy in Love Workshop Package
  • 2 for $596.40 (40% discount — simply change count to 2 and rate will update)
  • $261 per month ~ 2 payments plan
  • $133 per month ~ 4 payments plan



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