I’ve helped over fifty thousand women through leading hundreds of workshops and tele-classes since 2002.

I got my start leading workshops for relationship expert, Alison Armstrong. I truly love her work, and over the years I’ve been developing a body of work all of my own.

I cover gender differences, creating partnerships that work, and I help women with dating, love and sex matters.

If you would like me to tailor a talk or workshop for your group, please look at my TAILORED WORKSHOP MENU HERE.

Class Schedule for 2017:

Ready for Love ~ Dating Workshop

8-Week Tele-Workshop
6:00-7:15pm Pacific Time
Next class starts: September 28, 2017

Do you wish you could skip the dating process altogether, but somehow find your mate? You’re not alone. Maybe dating could be easier than you think, maybe even fun…

Ready for Love offers up my experience on over 121 first dates. I can give you the answers to the questions that plague you. And I’ll add some compassion and love along the way. Many women who have done this workshop have found their love, and this course will help you meet yours too.

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Happy in Love ~ Your Key to Understanding Your Guy

8-Week Video-Workshop
Mondays: 6:00-7:15pm Pacific Time
Next class starts: August 28, 2017
SPECIAL BETA RATE: $129 or 2 for $99

The handy phrase “battle of the sexes” didn’t come out of nowhere. We’ll get underneath the anger, frustration and resentment that often happens instinctually between men and women. If you’re committed to having loving relationships with men, your women friends and with yourself, this is the workshop for you.

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