Why Bring a Girlfriend?

If you register with a girlfriend you can both receive 40% off. 


Why do I do this?

It’s simple: having a partner in crime; a wingman; confidant … whatever you call her, can only help your efforts.

She is there to help you succeed. She knows you better than I ever will. She can hold space for you, heal your heart with the healing method you learn in our first call together. She can help with your blind spots when you’re actually dating and meeting new guys.

Bring her and you’ll have a built-in dating buddy. She’ll cheer you on with good dates, and love you up if you have a bad one. She can tell you when it’s time to take a two week dating break, and she’ll hold you accountable for starting up again. Let your girlfriend have your back, just like I know you’ll have hers.

If you two are splitting the cost, the most efficient way might be for you to put it on your card, and she can PayPal, Venmo or Google Wallet you her half.

You’ll each get your own call-in number, and copy of 121 First Dates.

Price for two: $595