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I’ve helped thousands of women by leading hundreds of workshops since 2002. I’m available for public and private speaking events and workshops. If you would like to host a private event, please email me here.

If you’re a woman interested in taking one of my workshops, please visit this page:

My Workshops:


Partnership By DesignPBD200x250

Length: Six to sixteen-hour workshop
Led By: Wendy Newman & Dave Pierce
Workshop for: All are welcome to attend
Cost starts at: $7,000 plus travel expenses for Wendy & Dave

Do you crave an extraordinary partnership but you can count real life examples of what you’re looking for on one hand? Gain tools to create your relationship from scratch based on what you desire and need from your partner.



Happy In Love

Length: Six-hour workshop + Evening meal discussion (Q & A)
Led By: Wendy Newman
Workshop for: Women
Cost starts at: $5,000 plus travel expenses for Wendy 

Are you interested in living a happy life?Imagine having intimate relationships with men that are easy, peaceful, fun and connected.

It starts with understanding men so you can get the BEST out of them. From there you’ll be able to create a relationship where you’re appreciated and cherished…

Happy in Love — Extended Event 

Length: Nine-hour workshop (Ideal over multiple days for cruise ship events)
Led By: Wendy Newman
Workshop for: Women
Cost: $7,500 plus travel expenses for Wendy

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Embracing Your Temptress While Honoring Your Man

Length: Four to sixteen-hour workshop
Led By: Wendy Newman
Workshop for: Women intending to have an empowering relationship to sex & sensuality
Cost starts at: $4,000 plus travel expenses for Wendy 

Give him the key to pleasing you in a way he can hear it, understand it and will WANT to use it.
This FUN and empowering workshop mixes my expertise in the conversations around understanding men, sex & chemistry. Gain tools to honor and nurture your own divine essence. Learn to be more gentle with yourself than you ever have been. Come find out how safe you are in the world BECAUSE of how men are about your sexuality & sensuality.


Finding Your Love (Dating Workshop)

Length: Six to ten-hour workshop + Evening meal discussion (Q & A)
Led By: Wendy Newman
Workshop for: Single women willing to date
Cost starts at: $5,000 plus travel expenses for Wendy 

Finding your love today is tricky. There are bizarre societal stories we women have been passing down for generations that keep us from finding a good man, and when you finally find one, keeping him. And modern-day dating… It seems kind of terrifying, right?

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Talks & Workshops


I can design a talk or a workshop specifically for your group’s needs.  If you’d like a little inspiration, here are some samples of one to six-hour talks I’ve given in the past:

  • Intentional Dating – Sort & Select for What Makes You Happy (single women)
  • How to Date, Fall in Love & Live Happily Ever After (single women)
  • Avoid Resignation, Resentment & Unfulfilled Expectations In Your Relationships with Men (women)
  • How To Attract, Nurture & Influence Men (women)
  • Why Doesn’t He Hear Me? (women)
  • Making Sense of Men (women)
  • Your Inner Critic – Friend or Foe? (women & young women)
  • Healing & Restoring Your Heart from Your Sexual Past (women)
  • Making Sense of of the Opposite Sex (co-ed)
  • Partnership By Design (co-ed)
  • Bringing Back the Temptress After Pregnancy (moms)
  • Feminine Qualities In the Workplace (working women)
  • Effective Ways of Working with Men on Your Team (working women)


Topics I Can Customize


  • How to get the best out of men
  • Ways we take men out & cause them to want to run (or hide) from us
  • How we can stop being so hurt & disappointed by men
  • The “big 4” attitudes that cause an adversarial relationship with men
  • Better ways to work with men when we feel they are misbehaving
  • How we keep men in line, why it doesn’t work, & what to do instead
  • What men are made for (& what they pay attention to)
  • Why we are often not seen or heard by men
  • How to get a man’s attention
  • How to get a man to go deep in communication
  • Ways we are magnetic to men
  • What’s up with men and their feelings?
  • Why a man would conceal & how to get him to open up
  • How to get a man’s attention
  • Effects of masculinity & femininity & how we can use both powerfully
  • What makes men and women feel safe?
  • Understand how a man looks at needs (both his and yours)
  • Why men try and solve your problems (when you don’t want that from them)
  • How to ask for what you need so he can hear you!
  • The two most powerful things men need from you to have a great relationship


Sex Topics

  • How to be the best lover – ever
  • What men are paying attention to in bed
  • Clearing out the past to be free and expressive
  • Why good men are so scarce
  • The dazzling effects of chemistry
  • Why we pick the men we do
  • How being a “pleaser” effects getting what you need
  • Sexual strategies to watch for
  • The effects of sexual attraction on men
  • The four powerful, essential elements of being a woman
  • Infidelity
  • Pornography
  • Men and performance
  • Blow jobs
  • Initiating sex so it goes well
  • What to do when one person wants more sex than the other
  • How safe you are in the world BECAUSE of how men are about your sexuality & sensuality.

I can lead workshops for your community in any length from one hour to three days. Let me know what you need, and together we can watch the people in your community transform. You can email me here


Some of my topics have originated from Alison Armstrong’s body of work.  As a senior workshop leader and staff person for Alison (since 2002) I have her blessing and permission to lead and/or talk about her distinctions.

Of hr topics, some I present as Aliso would, others I have changed based on my own research with men, point of view, and decade + of road testing the material myself.

If you would like me to lead a workshop specifically designed for you — or if you want one of Alison’s workshops, I can provide either. I am authorized to lead live Queen’s Code & Queen’s Code for Sex workshops.