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Everyone can take their love life to the next level. So whether you’re happily coupled or miserably coupled, I have a little something for you.

Every time I hear “A good relationship is hard work.” I think, if you say so… But I don’t think it has to be. Nurturing a rich, authentic, empowered, intimate relationship doesn’t necessarily take work but it does take communication and connecting.

Communication. Ugh. You hear that word everywhere, but do you really know what they mean when they say it? “You two just need to communicate” doesn’t give you access to ANYTHING. Here’s where I can help.

My methods and programs break down the HOW in communication. They’re fast, direct and focused. We discover what you need, and offer you ways in speaking about it effectively. (Effective looks like actionable results, by the way.)

So take a look and grab what you need.

If you’re feeling like it’s some one-on-one time with me that you’re looking for, find more offerings here.

You’re on your way to a deeper connection with your love right now. Keep going, and start with the Full Moon Ritual – it’s FREE. Happy shopping!


Full Moon Ritual

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15 questions to ask your partner.

Are you craving an easy, fulfilling, loving partnership where everyone has what they need?
To access intimacy with your mate, start here:

“Is there anything you need from me that you’re finding hard to get?”

This is just one of 15 questions Dave and I ask each other each month. We have a delicious ritual where we acknowledge each other, say what we love about each other and our relationship at that moment. We also do some light “housekeeping” to see if there’s anything that’s slipped under the rug. In daily life there’s just never a good time to bring up the bad stuff, the hard stuff, the uncomfortable stuff, even if you want to. You get busy, or tired, or you’re afraid. Then it goes on to irritate you, and may start festering, which makes you decide to let it go — but you don’t really let it go. This is the beginning of a downward spiral.

Your Full Moon Ritual will give you questions to ask each other to take your relationship to the next level.

Full Moon History

“These questions were a game-changer in my marriage. After just one conversation, we took an already good marriage to an entirely new place — Priceless.”
-Jenny M. – San Diego, CA

Full Moon Ritual

Partnership By Design

$295 a ticket $275 for multiple
One Day Workshop (live)

PBD200x250What if you could create your partnership from scratch?  What if society, your religion, peers, parents, workmates, friends, the barista at Starbucks, what if they had nothing to say about what your partnership looks like? To have the elements in place to be wildly happy, you’ll need some tools…

You’ll learn to:

  • Figure out what you desire and need from your partnership
  • Understand what might be happening with your partner so you can work with their needs and desires, along with how they’re wired so you both get what you need
  • Mend old hurts and regain respect where it has been lost
  • Create loving, respectful partnerships where no one is misbehaving and no one is ever in trouble – including you.

You’ll learn how to… 

  • Communicate anything
  • Speak and be heard
  • Draw out the best in each other
  • Handle a lie
  • Make agreements and build structures that work for everyone
  • Get your needs met while respecting what your partner(s) need
  • Appreciate your partner(s) and yourself more

Is Partnership By Design For You?

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