Love Breakthrough 30-Day Challenge

Starts September 1st.

Only $27


Join me in this easy, fun & mindful love breakthrough challenge that will have you ready for love in 30 days!

If you’re willing to invest 5 minutes a day, you can change your life forever. You don’t know which one, little shift might be the thing that makes all the difference.



You Will…

  • Establish positive habits that will support you in your goal for love
  • Ponder important questions anyone wanting love should be able to answer
  • Let go of old hurts so you can be ready for your new person
  • Share your experience, and make new friends and dating buddies (optional)




You Will Receive…

  • A Love Breakthrough 30-Day Journal
  • A daily question, thought or quick exercise
  • Access to a secret Facebook group of your community of single friends taking the challenge with you (optional)



Go it alone, or play in your community of single friends ~ either way, you can have a breakthrough in love in just 5 minutes a day! Let’s do this!

Please share this with your single friends.

I can’t wait to support you on your Journey!


Wendy Newman

Media Celebrated Author

Dating, Sex & Relationship Expert







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