Full Moon Ritual

Download and print this PDF — it has the 15 questions that Dave and I ask each other every month.  This is our Full Moon Ritual.

It’s based on the idea that no one is misbehaving — we’re all just behaving.   Sometimes our partner may behave in a way we didn’t expect. If we know that they mean well, then we can recognize that unexpected behavior isn’t misbehavior. It probably means that they need something that we didn’t know about, or that we’ve miscommunicated or misunderstood in some way.

In the world that this idea creates, no one is ever “in trouble”.

Can you imagine living in a world where neither you nor your partner are ever in trouble? It’s possible. It takes two to live in this world. If we can’t trust our partner to be acting in good faith, from a place of love and partnership, none of this works. This Ritual isn’t designed for relationships where basic trust has been lost. It’s designed to help keep a good relationship in really good shape, or maybe even make it better.

The Ritual is also meant to be adapted and evolve over time to meet the needs of YOUR unique partnership. If you would like to learn more about crafting a deep and meaningful partnership, one that meets your needs even if you color outside the lines a bit, you might love our one-day workshop: Partnership by Design.

Full Moon Ritual PDF