My Typical Clients Are….


Women! I LOVE Us! We’re Amazing.



Look at us!

We’re beautiful, essential and vibrant!




Most of my clients are smart, successful women who are looking for their own version of happily ever after.

Women I serve range in age. The majority are 30s to late 50s.




And hey – cute poly girl, I can help you too! If you’re in an open/polyamorous/monogamish relationship, I can help you, and work with your unique set of needs. Deal-making gets moved up to a whole new level, and I’m here to help. I am friendly and knowledgable in this area.

And for women interested in exploring this life, I will help uncover all there is to consider.




For those of you looking for help with your sex life, or if you’re facing sexual issues, I got you. Please come see me for this. I can work with you on most things sex, keeping the passion alive, and I can go deep with you in the areas of infidelity, pornography, and incompatibilities.





Hey kinksters! Need a little help navigating your limits? Maybe you’re looking to explore what falls under GGG vs a fetish too far. I can help you sort out if you’re giving because you want to, or because your caught up in a dynamic of pleasing or in submission. Together we can think through what you want to receive in order to happily participate in particular scenes. I’m friendly and I know things in this area.




Hey there, man! Are you feeling left out? Don’t. I totally love men, and I even get the opportunity to coach you from time to time. You know, when you ask for help!

I enjoy working one on one with men around understanding women, dating, relationships, sexual issues in a partnership and more.




And just to make sure I’m not leaving anyone out… I live in downtown San Francisco. I love my city, and my thriving and diverse group of friends. While this is not my lifestyle, I’m surrounded by loving friends who are trans, gay, bi, and gender-universal. I’m compassionate, friendly and will do my best to help if you need me.