Relationship Coaching

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Whether you’re single, partnered-up or married, I’m here for you.

Do you need personal attention to sort through the complexities of finding, attracting and keeping love in your life?

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, confused, skeptical or enraged? These are all valid feelings when it comes to dealing with the tricker aspects of love.

If you’re ready to find or improve your happily ever after, you might need to learn a certain set of skills, understand the opposite sex (I translate the opposite sex for you), and stop making the same classic mistakes we all make. Once you have what you need from me, I set you free to fly, birdie, fly! Go live your fabulous life, and if you get stuck, I’m here for you — I have your back. You ready? Let’s do this! 

My Typical Clients Are…

We can strengthen partnerships of all kinds.


help WomanTogether we can…

  • Work on issues or problems in your current relationship
  • Heal and clear out past relationship pain so you can move on
  • Solve sex-related concerns so you can be free and expressive
  • Practice an important conversation so you can get what you need
  • Understand the opposite sex in order to experience more love and connection in your life
  • Sort out the complications of dating so you can find love
  • Write your online dating profile to help you stand out
  • Search online date matches as a team to give you another point of view
  • Get clarity, solutions and even a game plan that suits your specific needs

My Coaching Philosophy & Experience

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Wendy Newman Now

If you have a quick need, schedule as little as 30 minutes. Or if you want plenty of time and attention, take advantage of the discounted packages.

You might be aiming for a life-long romantic relationship, but I’m guessing you’re not looking for an LTR with your coach — me neither. I’m here to give you tools, listen to every single thing you need to say, and offer straight-forward, practical advice and insights about what’s really going on.

Coaching Session $150 per hour (30 minute minimum)

Healing Session $175 per hour (What is a Healing Session?)


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Discounted packages are available for purchase below. Besides getting a lower coaching rate, you also gain access to a wider variety of availability to meet your scheduling needs. The package is used like a tab, and only the minutes used (not scheduled) are deducted from the total time. You can purchase a package below, then schedule time with Wendy here.

5-Hour Coaching Package $675 (regular rate $750)


10-Hour Coaching Package $950 (regular rate $1,500)


3 Month Turn-Around Coaching Package $1,950


Need Private Couples Coaching? Get Time with Wendy Newman and Dave Pierce

You can come solo or bring your partner(s) to the call. Dave and Wendy make a dynamic and powerful coaching team.

Dave has been working with men one-on-one since 1990. He has the ability to get to the heart of the matter, and is a master problem solver.

Together Wendy & Dave bring…

  • Compassion
  • Clear and direct (yet gentle) communication
  • An attitude that no one is misbehaving and everyone means well
  • Insights that you just might not be able to see yourself (because you’re in it)

$300 per hour

Work with My Team

Vince Sherwood and Shadee Ardalan are certified in Dating By Design distinctions, and I work with them because I TRUST them, love their unique approach, and because they bring their A-game and their heart just for you!

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Vince Sherwood Now

Do you want to hear it from a man? Vince Sherwood is your man. He’s hosted countless speed dating events, teaches women about understanding men and dating, and he loves and cares about women.

Vince can work with you to…

  • Draw out your most authentic, charming and enchanting self
  • Figure out how to get men’s attention when you’re out on the town
  • Create a plan with you, then recap your dates to help you assess what is happening out there on the field
  • Be your wing man when you’re out there on the dating court trying new approaches

Coaching Session with Vince $125 per hour

Healing Session with Vince $175 per hour
Do you need to hear “I’m sorry” from a man? No kidding, getting your past relationship hurts and wounds healed by a man — from his heart, will give you the capacity to be free, light, and alive in ways that weren’t possible beforehand.

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6-hour Coaching Package with Vince Sherwood $647. (regular rate $750)


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Shadee Ardalan Now

Shadee Ardalan is out there on the dating field with you – right now! She lives in Los Angeles, one of the hardest dating cities to live in as a woman! If you live in a tough market, she’s got you!

Shadee can work with you to…

  • Decide what the latest and greatest dating methods are
  • Figure out how to get men’s attention when you’re out on the town
  • Support you through the day-in and day-out of single life
  • If you’re spiritual and/or religious, Shadee can help you integrate your spiritual path with your dating path

Coaching Session with Shadee $150 per hour