What Is a Healing Session?

From time to time, someone comes along (or something happens) that just gets us — not in a good way. You just can’t shake them off easily.

You know those S-hooks you can buy at the hardware store? You could hang a plant with one and how it works is the plant goes on one end of the S-hook, and the other end of that same hook gets attached to a wall or ceiling.

Imagine having one end of an S-hook attached to your ass. Want to know what’s at the other end of that hook? The person who’s causing you pain. You just drag them behind you everywhere you go. I help unhook that S-hook and person so you can walk into your future free and unencumbered.

The healing process is simple and easy and resembles a type of conversation you might have with a close friend. This method I use helps you release (as in let go and disappear) any pain, upset, stuck-ness that you have in relation to that person. This may lead to releasing another person, like your father, or mother. Sometimes the process is quick, other times it’s like pulling thread out of a ball of yarn, just unhooking piece after piece after piece.

We won’t erase the memory, but we can disappear the pain and negativity — if you’re willing.

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